Welcome to Advergo

Advergo is India’s first interactive in-cab advertising company which gives your company the maximum exposure to the highly targeted and engaged audience. It is currently the only service of its kind and truly unique in its design to encourage passengers to understand the products and services better. We allow the representatives of the company to communicate and interact with the customers like never before. Our platform is one of the best communication channels to showcase the product or service with high quality HD videos and images which grabs higher attention and recall rate of the customer.

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Captive audience

The average time a passenger spends is around 45 minutes in his journey sitting idle, these are the high profile consumers, who have both credit card and smart phone.

Fully interactive

Our high quality HD screens offer good quality video and interactive content. Customisation of every brand experience is done so that data is captured and leads are generated.

ROI measurement

We have a process where a report is prepared for in-depth analytics and shared to the clients.In this report one can know the every touch the passengers make with a particular brand and check the effectiveness with the help of this.
Our Services

The main USP of advergo is that it makes the travel of a daily commuter interesting and adventurous in cabs.



Why Us
The advertising click through has a rate of 10% when compared to digital advertising which has a click through rate of only 0.2%.So it can be seen that it is 50 times more effective.
Recall rate
The end consumer has a recall rate of almost 50% when compared to a general TV commercial recall which is approximately 12%.
Innovative techniques
We use innovative techniques for reaching the target audience like puzzles , quizzes , interactive games or sessions.
Most of the passengers are tech savvy and they possess both credit cards and smart phones.