About us
Advergo is India’s first interactive in-cab advertising company which gives your company the maximum exposure to the highly targeted and engaged audience. It is currently the only service of its kind and truly unique in its design to encourage passengers to understand the products and services better. We allow the representatives of the company to communicate and interact with the customers like never before. Our platform is one of the best communication channels to showcase the product or service with high quality HD videos and images which grabs higher attention and recall rate of the customer.

The collection of features on our interface provides the complete attention of the commuter. A section of the interactive display is reserved for static banner advertisements also. These banner advertisements can be linked to forms that will enable interested passengers to provide their contact information helping the companies to gather customer information. This can help build a database of previously untapped customers. In addition, our platform also allows to trigger location for specific advertisements where an advertiser’s message is showcased when the cab is within a certain distance from a particular location. This allows commuters to hear your messages when you want them to hear it, and how often you want them to hear it! We are the first advertising company in the country to use content management system with 4G network connectivity to instantly track cab’s location and device status of all the screens along with uploading the latest content on the go.
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